Fiorina: ‘Delusional’ for Obama to Say Climate Change Is Biggest National Security Threat

This weekend on “Fox News Sunday,” Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina discussed the Obama administration’s claim that climate change is an immediate threat to our national security and declared it “delusional.”

Fiorina said, “Well, that’s delusional. It is delusional for President Obama and Hillary Clinton and anyone else to say that climate change is our near-term most severe security threat. It is ISIS, period. Followed closely by Iran and perhaps Russia. President Obama continues to think that somehow our behavior causes terrorism, so he says the Climate Change Summit is a powerful rebuke. No, it’s not. The terrorists don’t care that we’re gathering in Paris other than it provides a target. Just as he said Republicans are giving terrorist a recruiting tool because we don’t think refugees should be allowed in the country if we don’t properly vet them. President Obama is delusional about the threat, which is apparently he won’t do anything about it.”

She added, “If you read the fine print of the science, what the scientists tell us, all those scientist who tell us climate change is real and man made, they say a single nation acting alone will make no difference at all. It would take a concerted global effort. I think the likelihood is near zero. I think it would be far more productive if President Obama indeed was there leading an international coalition to stop human trafficking or for humanitarian relief for the refugees or international coalition to defeat ISIS. all those would be more useful than time in Paris tacking about climate change.”

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