Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Activists Taunt Black Cop, Tell Him to Kill Himself

A video uploaded to the website LiveLeak shows the high-pressure, racist antagonism flung at Minnesota police by the Black Lives Matter activists who have occupied the area in front of the 4th Precinct police station.

In the video, a black police officer with the patience of Job can be seen shrugging off a torrent of abuse from a heavyset woman standing just a few feet away.

It’s just the latest chapter in the long siege of Plymouth Avenue by anti-police activists that has been documented by Breitbart News in an on-the-scene investigation.

In her tirade, the unnamed woman calls the black officer an “Uncle Tom” and repeatedly suggests that he kill himself. She also compares him to the late pop singer Michael Jackson and asks if he would like to bleach his face. At one point, the unnamed woman mocks a nearby white officer for his weight.

At no point during the video does anyone attempt to stop the woman from her despicable comments. Another unnamed protester can be head egging her on.

The occupation of the block in front of the police station began after the police shooting of Jamar Clark on November 15th.

Clark, 24, was a convicted felon who had pled guilty to making terroristic threats against a former girlfriend earlier this year. Police were called out because Clark was allegedly beating his current girlfriend, and when they arrived, police say he grabbed an officer’s gun. Clark’s advocates, including Black Lives Matter and the NAACP, claim Clark was handcuffed when shot, a charge the police deny.

It’s not just a war of words. Police officers told Breitbart News that the 4th Precinct police station has been assaulted by protesters using rocks and Molotov cocktails.

Black Lives Matter activists in the twin cities have a history of antagonizing the police. Black Lives Matter Minneapolis made national headlines earlier this year when they began chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon,” the day after a Texas sheriff’s deputy was gunned down execution-style in Texas.

The Black Lives Matter activists in Minneapolis called the gated off area in front of the police station “the pig pen.”

The Minneapolis protests have garnered high-level support from Democrats. Both Sen. Al Franken and Congressman Keith Ellison have made comments favorable to the protester’s cause, and Ellison has visited the protest occupation site several times.

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