Fmr. NY Times Magazine Editor: Hillary Clinton Would Be A Dangerous President


Author Ed Klein says Hillary Clinton would be a dangerous president, totally controlled by left-wing interests.

Klein, author of the bombshell new Clinton book “Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary,” discussed the Clinton campaign in a wide-ranging interview Thursday morning on “Breitbart News Daily” with Steven K. Bannon on Sirius/XM Channel 125.

“I think her whole base is the Democratic left wing of the party, and in order to do whatever she wants to do in office, she will have to be very much like the current commander in chief Barack Obama and not go beyond what they, the base, will allow her to do,” Klein said, explaining why Clinton would be a “dangerous” president. “So we are not going to have in Hillary Clinton a commander in chief who will in fact re-assert America’s dominance and power in the world.”

“There’s a big chunk of America…that considers her untrustworthy,” Klein said. “Some of the truth has caught up with her. But I think the more people see her, the more they realize that this is a chameleon, someone who doesn’t really stand for anything except her own power. And she will say or do anything, and she has said or done anything, to get what she wants.”

Clinton’s handling of recent Islamic terrorist attacks also troubles Klein.

“Her base wants to hear guns, guns, and guns, and it has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism. In fact, she won’t even use the term ‘Islamic radicals.'”

“She said, oh let’s not make all Islam all Muslims bad guys. Well, nobody’s trying to make all Muslims bad…She refuses to say because her base doesn’t want to hear it, is that every single one of these awful depradations, these incredible massacres, are carried out in the name of Islam.”

Klein, formerly the editor of New York Times magazine and the author of numerous books on the Clintons and Obamas, said that even the media elites don’t want Clinton to be president.

“They don’t even like her. That’s the issue,” Klein said, noting that the media prefers Bernie Sanders.

“The media is even further to the Left than Hillary, but she’s the only person they’ve got running who they think can actually win the White House.”

As for the mainstream media in New York City and Washington, D.C. Klein is not a fan.

“He did not want us, the editors, the major editors, to let our personal feelings have anything to do with how we covered the news or how we edited the news,” Klein said of his superior at the Times in the 1970s and 1980s.

That’s all gone by the boards now. Now the mainstream media carries the water for the extreme wing of the Democratic Party, and all these guys, and all these women who I know…they’re all telling each other the same thing at cocktail parties or when they meet over dinner or over lunch. They all talk as though the rest of the country, everything from west of the Hudson River to the San Fernando Valley, all of that so-called flyover, are crazy terrible awful people and they, the media, the elite, know better and they want to tell everyone what to do.