Rosemary Jenks: Perfect Time To Hit Pause Button On Immigration

REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz
REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz
Washington, DC

The Director of Government Relations at NumbersUSA, Rosemary Jenks, J.D., says critics of Donald Trump’s recent proposal to temporarily stop all Muslim immigration into the United States are wrong to claim such a step would be prohibited by the Constitution.

“The Congress of the United States, under the Constitution, has complete and total control over who is allowed into this country as an immigrant. So, there’s no question that Congress has the authority to let in, or not let in any group of individuals,” Jenks said as a guest on Breitbart News daily with host Stephen K. Bannon. “Congress can  set any boundaries it wants,” she continued. “It can say we’re only going to let in Irish Catholics.”

“So, there’s no question about that.”

While Jenks said neither she, nor NumbersUSA would say to bar the entry of all Muslims, she did say she thought it is “a perfect time for the United States to hit the pause button, take a step back and re-assess this entire (immigration) policy that has not been re-assessed since 1965 and determine on a whole variety of grounds, not just national security, but economics, cultural, all of the different impacts that immigration has. Take a step back and say, okay, what is it that we want to achieve through our immigration policy in the United States.”

Jenks then walked through various factors for possible consideration in any new, revamped immigration policy.

The entire interview can be heard below.


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