He Can’t Win: Data Does Not Back ‘Morning Joe’ Panel’s Phony Anti-Trump Narrative

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After the worst month of media attacks imaginable, and after the most glowing media coverage she could ask for, according to the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, Donald Trump is only -3.3 points behind Hillary Clinton. No one with any sense of perspective or grasp on reality believes Trump cannot beat Clinton. The idea that he cannot win is anti-science and not backed by facts.

Sure, other Republican candidates currently poll better against her (not by much), but the media has yet to train its withering fire on them — and believe me, it’s coming.

Despite the science, on Friday’s “Morning Joe,” an entire segment was used to matter-of-factly claim that Trump spells doom for Republicans in 2016, should he win the nomination. And there is no more effective media propaganda than when something is stated as a simple fact. It’s a very effective weapon, especially when the facts say the exact opposite.


The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza

The Republican Establishment realizes two things … that Donald Trump is a disaster down ballot for them; that people like Rob Portman of Ohio, Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, Mark Kirk in Illinois, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin — Senators who they at least need some of these people to win to keep the Majority, literally would have no chance of winning.

Fact: Trump is only -3 points behind Hillary.

You can’t say this enough: Trump. Is. Only. Three. Points. Behind. Hillary.

Mitt Romney lost by -4 points.

As far as down ballot worries, while they may have buried it, even the Trump-haters at National Journal acknowledge he is bringing out new voters.


“Meet the Press” Moderator Chuck Todd

If Trump’s the nominee, you’re looking at Clinton [winning] 80% with Latinos, and you’re talking [about her winning] Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada — I’m talking new states  that get thrown in here, in particular Georgia and Arizona.

Currently, Trump beats Hillary in Florida by  +2.4;  the only poll taken in Colorado has Trump up +11 over Hillary; the only poll taken in the last 6 weeks in North Carolina has Trump up +4. There are no numbers I could fin for the other states Todd mentioned.

But here is one number he didn’t mention, Trump is currently tied with Hillary in the Democrat stronghold of Pennsylvania.

With numbers like these, the only numbers we have, there is just no way to back up a claim that Trump will lose states like Georgia and Arizona.

Joe Scarborough tee’d this analysis up.


Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin

If Trump isn’t the nominee, the Party has a much better chance of winning a national election.

“Much” better chance? Cruz, Bush, and Christie lose to Hillary by -2.5, -1, -1, respectively. Rubio is only +1.5 ahead of Clinton. Carson is only +0.4 ahead of Clinton.

Where does this “much” come from?

Moreover, other than Carson, none of the other Republican candidates have had the DC Media trying to assassinate them for two months. What will they look like after that happens, and it most certainly will once the media sees them as a threat to Hillary’s ascension to the White House.

Trump is showing remarkable resiliency in the face of an almost unprecedented and coordinated media onslaught. And that is one of the reasons why his supporters believe he actually has a better chance of winning than the others, who do (with the possible exception of Cruz) play the DC Media’s rules, which are specifically designed to elect Democrats.


What happened on “Morning Joe” is not analysis, it is wishful thinking, and…

It also reeks of a coordinated media narrative to take Trump out…


As someone who reveres science and data, I’m left here pointing and laughing at the science-deniers.

I’m not saying Trump will win. I’m not saying he’s our best shot at winning. But the idea that he cannot win is not backed up by any of the data the DC Media usually relies on, but appears to be making an exception for in this particular case.

Gee, I wonder why?

When it comes to beating Hillary Clinton, I am total mercenary with no political core. My support goes to the person who I believe has the best chance of winning. So let me once again leave you with the most important question Republican primary voters need to ask themselves in the coming months…

If the GOP cannot defeat Trump with all of the DC Media working with them to destroy him…

How in the world will the GOP defeat Hillary with all of the DC Media on her side?


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