South Carolina Gun Store Sign: ‘Want to Piss Off Obama? Buy a Gun’


The Simpsonville Gun & Pawn store in Simpsonville, South Carolina, is advertising gun sales on its marquee by telling passersby that one surefire way to “piss off Obama” is to “buy a gun.”

According to WNCN, store owner Mark Teal said the advertisement “is mainly just to sell guns, but there’s a political connotation to it also.” He cited the way Obama responded to the San Bernardino terror attacks by wanting to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to get guns, saying, “I just think it’s strange that he has 24-hour security, his children and wife have 24-hour security with armed guards everywhere they go [and] it’s OK for them to have armed guards, but it’s not OK for us to protect ourselves.”

Teal stressed that days and weeks after a San Bernardino attack or a Sandy Hook Elementary-style shooting, law abiding citizens who have never owned a gun wake up and realize they need one for self-defense. He wants the business of such gun buyers in Simpsonville–which explains the sign in front of Simpsonville Gun & Pawn, which reads, “Want to Piss Off Obama? Buy a Gun.”

Teal said he “stands behind the sign and its message,” whether or not Obama takes note of increased gun sales.

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