Ben Carson’s Moment of Silence for Terror Victims at GOP Debate

Ben Carson at GOP Debate (Justin Sullivan / Getty)
Justin Sullivan / Getty

LAS VEGAS — At the GOP debate Tuesday evening, Dr. Ben Carson used part of his opening statement to ask for a moment of silence to remember the victims of the San Bernardino terror attack earlier this month. He then bowed his head in prayer before continuing with his remarks.

At first, Carson’s idea seemed like an odd political gimmick. It almost seemed to affirm the Saturday Night Live parody of Carson as a sleepy, quiet candidate.

But as the seconds ticked away, the moment sank in, and Carson’s gesture began to seem not only clever, but noble.

It is astonishing that CNN did not hold a moment of silence at the start of the GOP debate, given that so many of the questions in both the undercard and the main event are focused on national security. It is even more astonishing that frequent critics of CNN–such as those of us at Breitbart News–did not pounce on CNN’s glaring omission.

Dr. Carson’s moment of silence shamed all of us. It was a reminder that the issues that the candidates are debating are not just rounds in a boxing match. It was a reminder of the gravity of the challenges that our next commander-in-chief will face.

Most of all, however, it was a reminder of the connections that bind us all as Americans–and that we have neglected for too long. A rare ennobling moment in a campaign that has tilted too far in the other direction.


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