Blackwater Founder: U.S. Government Doesn’t Vet Immigrants, Outsources To Other Countries


Blackwater Founder and former Navy Seal Erik Prince tells Breitbart News Daily that America isn’t vetting potential immigrants. Instead, the government is outsourcing that to the immigrant’s country of origin.

“The government basically outsources it to the intelligence services of those countries that these people are coming from” Prince told Breitbart News Daily radio host Steve K. Bannon.

“If you think the ISI and Pakistan is doing an adequate job of vetting immigrants coming to America, you’re kidding yourself,” he added.

Prince, who is the founder of one of the most famous security contracting firms in the world, argued America has a very small role in the process.

“The only American that is part of the process is when the applicant comes into the embassy or the consulate to sit for the interview which they can obviously lie their way through.”

Prince said that there is no way to vet Syrian refugees because, “there is no intelligence service, certainly not the Syrian one, that is going to cooperate with the United States with these refugees.”

Prince also pointed out that the process isn’t very effective because there are times when the consular official conducting the interview doesn’t speak the language well and doesn’t understand the cultural nuances of the individual and country. He also mentioned the administration’s policy of not reviewing social media postings.

“If the U.S. government is so politically correct, that they won’t even review their social media, how do we think they’re going to find in a one hour or half hour interview at a consulate the true intentions of these people?” Prince asked.

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