Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza Publishes Anti-Trump Campaign Strategy Memo


In his  neverending quest to destroy Donald Trump, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza is now — quite incredibly — offering advice to take the Republican frontrunner down. Friday morning, Cillizza used the pages of the Post to publish a strategy memo to Jeb Bush. The headline reads, “Jeb Bush should put this anti-Trump video on TV immediately.”

This is Bush at his best and Trump at his dismissive, shallow (from a policy perspective) worst.  But, it’s only a web video — posted on Twitter. While that means that every reporter will see it, which may be the goal, it means that the average voter, who doesn’t keep Tweetdeck open on a second screen all day, won’t.

Bush should immediately put this ad on TV in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.  As I’ve written before, he badly needs to destabilize the race in order to have any chance at winning it — or at least being relevant in it. And, the best way to destabilize the race is to take a flamethrower to Trump.

Bush should be careful about taking advice from the left-wing Cillizza, an extremist demagogue who appears regularly on MSNBC.

Cillizza, who identifies as an objective reporter, has made no secret of the fact that his ultimate goal is to see Hillary Clinton elected president.


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