Hillary Clinton: First Family Has an ‘Extraordinary Privilege’…Bill Will Have ‘Special Missions’


Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton said that the first family has “extraordinary privilege” and invited her husband Bill to join in on White House “special missions.”

ABC debate moderator Martha Raddatz asked Clinton about her role as first lady, and particularly her choice of White House floral arrangements, during Saturday night’s Democratic debate in New Hampshire.

“Whoever is part of the president’s family has an extraordinary privilege,” Clinton replied.

Clinton vowed that her husband Bill will be called in for “special missions, for advice, for ideas on how to get the economy back on track, which he knows a thing or two about.”

Clinton credited other first spouses with the work that they’ve done in the position, but she seemed taken aback at the suggestion that her efforts should be compared to those of first ladies such as Barbara or Laura Bush.

Hillary Clinton was notoriously tasked with promoting health care reform in 1993, but her inability to pass the bill through a Democratic Congress led to a more than fifteen-year drought in Democratic efforts to pass the universal health care bill that eventually became Obamacare.

Hillary Clinton’s television commercials during the health care push paled in comparison to the media efforts of future House speaker Newt Gingrich, whose Republican party won the 1994 midterms largely due to anti-Hillarycare sentiment.


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