Donald Trump: Bill Clinton ‘One of the Great Abusers of the World’

John Gaps III/AP Photo
John Gaps III/AP Photo

Clinton and her DC Media have repeatedly attacked Republican frontrunner Donald Trump as sexist. Rather than do what the Republican Establishment always does when faced with this kind of attack — crumple into a small ball and go to their Special Place until the election is lost — by honing in on Bill Clinton’s sordid, sexist past, Trump has had Hillary and her media on defense all week.

Today, at a massive rally in South Carolina, Trump just turned the heat up to 11, with the claim that former President Bill Clinton is “one of the great abusers of the world.”

The hyperbole is a key part of Trump’s ongoing chess match. The DC media has been playing fact-check-gotcha with the GOP since 2008. Trump knows this. So he colors a little outside the lines knowing Hillary’s media allies will leap at him, which is the briar patch he desires. This is how he controls the political conversation, how he manipulates the corrupt media to talk about what he wants to talk about.

As a result, all week the DC Media has been forced to re-litigate Bill’s piggish behavior, and for the first time, litigate Hillary’s role in abusing these women over what they claim is a second round of abuse, after Madame Secretary launched campaigns of personal destruction to silence them.

At this same rally, Trump correctly pointed out that he is only playing defense when he brings up Bill Clinton’s history of real (he settled a sexual harassment case with Paula Jones) and alleged (by more than a half-dozen women) history of sexual abuse.

After all, it was Hillary who decided this campaign should be about sexism, and about how sex abuse victims must be “heard, believed, and supported.”

So with an innocent look on his face and his big toe digging into the dirt, Trump explained to the crowd: “I have no choice” but to go on the attack against the Clintons. She started it.

“You can’t let people push you around. You can’t let people tell lies,” Trump said, adding that “nobody respects women more than Donald Trump.”

“She’s hitting me really hard with the women card,” Trump said. “She’s not going to win.”

Trump then turned to her female base: “Women don’t like Hillary. I see it all the time.”

Hillary Clinton and the DC Media were sure they had found the secret weapon to waltz the Lying Benghazi Bungler directly into the Oval Office: a replay of the phony War on Women issue.

It didn’t matter who won the nomination in 2016. Mitt Romney was no sexist, so the DC Media fabricated a Todd Akin to beat him to death with.

Then Donald Trump came along, a candidate who not only understands that the rules set by the DC Media are rigged to elect Democrats, but someone competent enough to serially-beat them at their own game.

On this day, Bill Cosby is finally facing justice for the longstanding allegations against him, and thanks only to Trump, so are Bill and Hillary Clinton after 20 years of being shielded by the corrupt media.


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