CNBC’s Harwood Predicts Hillary to Be Dem Nominee, Trump Won’t Be GOP Nominee, Economy the 2016 Focus

Thursday during CNBC’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, network chief Washington correspondent John Harwood laid out his 2016 predictions, which dealt with who would be the 2016 Democratic and Republican Party nominees and what voters would base their presidential votes in next year’s presidential election.

“Whether she wins or loses in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton will be the nominee,” Harwood said. “Bernie Sanders is going to have a hard time finding places to challenge her beyond New Hampshire.”

“Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee,” Harwood continued. “Once we get past the first couple of states and the field consolidates, that’s when Donald Trump will be vulnerable.”

“And the American economy, middle-class wages not national security will be the focus of the 2016 campaign by the time we get to the election,” he added.

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