The Hill: Thirty Days to Iowa, Candidates Make Final Sprint

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Hill reports on the final sprint to the Iowa caucuses.

Campaigns are sharpening their attacks, doubling down on time and resources spent in the state, and placing their final bets on the ad buys and infrastructure they hope will bolster their get-out-the-vote efforts.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton holds a substantial lead in the polls, though Democrats are warning the front-runner against complacency. They point to the enthusiasm gap she faces against Bernie Sanders, who will be looking to marshal his substantial grassroots support in a state that sent Clinton’s 2008 hopes into a tailspin.

But most of the intrigue is on the Republican side, where 11 candidates are still vying for the party’s nomination. Political watchers are expecting a record GOP turnout at the caucuses, as well as a substantial winnowing of the field in the weeks that follow the Feb. 1 vote.

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