EXCLUSIVE: Woman Who Confronted Hillary Clinton Over Rape Claims: My Kids Are Being Threatened

Woman Confronts Hillary REUTERSBrian Snyder
REUTERS/Brian Snyder

The New Hampshire state representative who confronted Hillary Clinton at a campaign stop over Bill Clinton’s alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick said that she is getting threats on her safety and the safety of her children. But she refuses to back down.

“I think that Hillary Clinton is an enabler,” Republican Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien told Breitbart News in her first exclusive interview since the wide media controversy over the incident. “I’m angry and I’ve had enough and I don’t want to put up with it anymore.”

Prudhomme-O’Brien represents Derry in the state’s sixth legislative district. She stood up to Clinton at a Derry, New Hampshire town hall to ask her about Broaddrick’s claims that Bill Clinton raped her and that Hillary Clinton tried to cover it up. Hillary called the female lawmaker “very rude,” and the mainstream media identified Prudhomme-O’Brien to stir up anger and resentment against her on the Internet.

“I know that I was very rude,” Prudhomme-O’Brien said. “Being polite doesn’t work and I need to get the issue out before the primary because I’ll probably never be in a room with this woman again.”

“I thought, ‘When it comes to question time, I’m just going to blurt it out.'”


“I was prepared to be arrested. I was prepared to spend the night in jail,” Prudhomme-O’Brien said, and she even told a staffer at the venue as much when he tried to get her to quiet down.

Prudhomme-O’Brien, who credits her 2010 meeting with the late Andrew Breitbart as an event that helped to shape her political advocacy, first asked Clinton about Broaddrick’s claims at a July parade, but Clinton “made a noise like ‘Pfft’ and waved her hand.”

The lawmaker also tried to ask Clinton about it at another event in New Hampshire, but she was intimidated into silence by Secret Service agents.

“Five men from the Secret Service came over next to me” Prudhomme-O’Brien said “at the end of the row,” where she was holding a “Hillary Is The War on Women” sign.

“They all took folding chairs and sat all around me [in a circle],” she said. “I knew if I said anything out of place those guys would tackle me and take me out.”

Prudhomme-O’Brien is now getting threats from Clinton supporters.

“I need to watch my back. I need to watch my car. I need to watch my kids,” she said, reciting some of the threats she’s received by email.

“People told me, ‘Your political career is over. You’ll never get re-elected.’ I’m not sure I’ll run for re-election. I care more about this issue than my own political career. That’s what makes me different than Hillary Clinton.”


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