New York Magazine’s Chait ‘Votes’ For Oregon Militia Members To Be ‘Killed’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Don’t confuse this as a defense of the Bundy family or their team of armed militia members who have occupied an abandoned building located on a federal wildlife preserve in Oregon. Any rational-thinking American should be horrified at the amount of land the federal government has confiscated, especially in the American West, but once you use or threaten violence to further a cause, you have lost me. Their cause is just. Their methods are appalling and un-American. Also un-American is Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine openly hoping these militia men end up dead.

Chait, naturally, can get away with this open call for blood because he understands how the corrupt DC Media operates. Anti-government activists who believe the federal government has too much power are not “approved” by the DC Media. Therefore, you can say anything you like about them without repercussion.

Had Chait said the exact same thing about a group of protesters equally reprehensible to the Bundy clam, say the barbarians who burnt down Baltimore and Ferguson, he would be out of a job today, because those protesters are on the DC Media’s “approved” list.

And let’s not forget that the same DC Media horrified over the violent rhetoric coming out of the Bundy clan in Oregon is the same DC Media (most especially CNN) that encouraged, promoted, and openly called for violence in Baltimore and Ferguson.


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