On the Trail for Hillary, Bill Clinton Recalls When They First Fell in Love

Bill and Hillary 1978 AP

Former President Bill Clinton hit the campaign trail today in Nashua, New Hampshire for his wife Hillary Clinton, recalling when the couple first fell in love.

“When we met—soon to be 45 years ago in a couple of months when we met—we fell in love,” he said. “I thought she was the most amazing person.”

He recalled that in the seventies there were fewer women who were earning law degrees.

“There she was, Yale law school, she could have written her ticket to go anywhere she wanted. All she was really interested was providing legal services to poor people,” he said, reminding the audience that Hillary didn’t take a “fancy clerkship” when she got out of college.

Clinton spoke warmly about his wife’s legal career after they first met.

“It’s hard to remember 40 years ago what that was like … everything she touched she made better,” he said.

He insisted that Hillary was the one candidate that could meet the moment in 2016, praising his wife for her efforts in the 90’s as First Lady and for the efforts she made in foreign policy

Clinton portrayed himself as a doting husband and spoke warmly of his wife’s professional career, describing her as a “change maker” wherever she went.

“I’m a happy grandfather. I’m not mad at anybody,” Clinton said as he took the stage.


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