Whoopi ‘Implores’ People to Vote So ‘Fearmonger’ Trump Can’t Take Us Back to the 1950s

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” while discussing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s first TV ad, co-host Whoopi Goldberg lobbied viewers to get out and vote so that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump isn’t elected.

Guest co-host Sunny Hostin said, “You know what concerns me most about the ad? And I’ve seen it a couple times. It’s fear mongering and I think he has tapped into perhaps thousands or hundreds of thousands of people who are operating by fear and under fear and that is really, really disconcerting. That shouldn’t be the country that we are.”

Joy Behar said, “But it always works. In my day, remember this, when Lyndon Johnson, I believe it was him against Goldwater and they used a mushroom cloud and everybody was scared. They use fear all the time in politics.”

Raven-Symoné said, “A lot of Republicans are doing it right now. Lindsey Graham and Christie are saying it and it’s really sad.”

Sunny Hostin said, “It’s sad and vulgar. I don’t think he’s such a smart guy, quite frankly. I think he reads a good crowd. I think he reads a crowd and he’s tapped into all of these people and they’re believing him.”

Goldberg said, “He’s tapped into the white supremacists who have endorsed him. He’s tapped into a lot of folks whose idea of America is not America’s idea of America. Quite frankly, you want to fear monger, okay, but you better call a spade a spade man. When you see terrorists, you better name them when you see them. Not just saying radical. You need that word? Radical Islam, okay, yeah, there are radical Islamic terrorists. I think everyone has said it a million times. But what there also is is a lot of racists in the world, and we got to name them as well. I think — you know, this is still America. This is still America. This is a land where people come for a better life.”

She added, “I think that the idea of going backwards to the ’50 s and the ’40s is not a good way to go. Quite frankly, I’m imploring everybody, get out and vote. I don’t care what your background is. This is — you know, listen, be an Independent, be a Republican, be a Democrat. Get out there, make sure people are voting because the idea that we are building walls and pointing to a group of people and painting them with one brush, I’ve been there. We’ve all been there.”

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