EXCLUSIVE — Ted Cruz: Democratic Process Will Reveal Truth About Bill Clinton’s History With Women

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CHEROKEE, Iowa— “The truth about Hillary Clinton and the truth about Bill Clinton will naturally come out throughout the course of the democratic process,” Sen. Ted Cruz told Breitbart News in an interview on his six-day bus tour through Iowa.

Cruz told Breitbart News that he doesn’t want to launch personal attacks against Hillary and Bill Clinton’s history with women during Mr. Clinton’s time in office from 1993 to 2001, but does believe that the democratic process will reveal the truth about their history.

“I believe at the end of the day, truth will prevail,” Cruz said.

 Cruz also discussed the negative impact that Hillary Clinton’s policies have had on women in America.

“For the last seven years women have done much, much worse under the Obama-Clinton economy. The policies that Hillary Clinton advocates have proven to be a manifest disaster for Americans across the country, but for women in particular. We have seen millions of women enter poverty under Barack Obama.”

Cruz spoke about the mounting student debt and poor job prospects that many young Americans are facing. He called Clinton’s policies “failed policies” which he says “are robbing the future for the next generation.”
“For the last seven years the american dream has proven harder and harder and hard for people to achieve especially young people” he said. “Today young people are demoralized and disillusioned because they’ve spent seven years trapped in, what I call, the great stagnation”