Concha: Newsweek Writer Refers to Cruz Supporters As Nazis And Isn’t Suspended


Joe Concha at wrote the following at Mediaite:

Is it ego or just plain stupidity?

That’s the question for anyone and everyone in the media business right now … especially upon witnessing what feels like the 794th time a reporter, host, anchorguestwriter, producer, PR exec feels the need to Tweet out a thought, an image (or both in this case) that he or she absolutely, positively KNOWS (and I never use CAPS to make a point) that it’s ill-advised, wrong and potentially career ending act.

Today’s latest example comes courtesy of Newsweek senior writer Alexander Nazaryan. His crime? Tweeting out an old image of people marching with Nazi flags and sporting swastikas to illustrate what he calls “Ted Cruz’s ground game.” In other words, if you support Cruz, you advocate the genocide of Jews with fascism being your particular political flavor.

Take ideology or whom you’re rooting for in the presidential race out of this for a moment (if humanly possible): If you’re a reporter — traditional, impartial, editorial … doesn’t matter — how can you be so dense, so reckless, to characterize a presidential candidate’s supporters as Nazis? Alcohol is always a possibility — and this Tweet was sent in the early morning, so there’s a 51 percent chance he wasn’t sober — but what exactly — lucid or not — compels someone like Nazaryan to come to the conclusion that sending that out to his thousands of followers would end well? Because the Nazi comparison in American politics never, ever has a happy ending for the messenger.

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