Donald Trump Reacts to Report on Hillary Clinton’s Health: ‘We Need Real Strength’ in White House

hillary-clinton-concussion y John ThysAFPGetty Images
John Thys/AFP/Getty

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump reacted to the recent Breitbart News article that uncovered that security officials and medical professionals have concerns about Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s health.

“You need somebody with great health because we have tremendous problems,” Trump said about needing a leader with stamina during an interview with conservative radio host Howie Carr on Thursday.

Breitbart News recently reported that security officials have witnessed the former Secretary of State looking ill after delivering a speech, and a neurologist, after reviewing the facts surrounding Clinton’s previous head injury, predicted she may have post-concussion syndrome. The Clinton campaign, however, insists the former First Lady is in good health.

“I noticed that Hillary will do one event and then you don’t see her for a week. She’ll do another event and it’s very staged and they put people in that they take out of the audience after vetting them for a long period of time,” Trump said after being questioned about Clinton’s health.

That would be too bad, but at the same time, we can’t play too much with a heart. We need real strength in there. We have ISIS. We have China ripping us on trade and so many other countries. We have Mexico and what they’re doing to us, you know better than anybody because so many of the businesses have moved to Mexico from New England. We need somebody with tremendous strength and stamina. I talk about it all the time. I hope she’s fine. I haven’t heard this at all, but I hope she’s fine.

Trump added, “I just don’t know anything about her health. I hope she’s fine, honestly. And if she’s not, it would be not a good thing. I mean if she ran and won and she’s not healthy. Our country has too many problems for that, but I hope she’s in good shape.”


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