Grandmother Shoots Alleged Attacker, Says Obama’s Not Taking Her Gun

Manchester Police Department
Manchester Police Department

On January 4, a 65-year-old grandmother in Manchester, New Hampshire, shot a man who followed her home from the gas station.

The incident occurred just after 11:30 p.m.

Speaking on WFEA Radio, the grandmother — who is remaining unidentified by her choice — left work late at night, stopped by a gas station to put fuel in her car, then began driving home with an unknown vehicle following her. Along the way, the vehicle behind her moved erratically but remained behind her through turns and stops.

When the grandma pulled in “the lower parking lot where [she] lives” she said a little voice inside her head told her to grab her gun from inside the car and put it into her pocket, and she did. She then exited her car to watch as the vehicle “came up the corner and stopped.” She then heard someone exit the car.

That individual — whom she described as a tall male — got in front of the grandmother as she walked to her apartment, stood in her path, and allegedly demanded her purse. The grandma said, “As soon as he moved his left arm to touch me I shot him.”

The grandmother said her gun is “always locked and loaded.”

After she shot the man, the grandma then said a female driver exited the vehicle and came running up to defend the would-be robber. The grandmother said the driver kept saying she needed to take the alleged robber to a hospital. CBS Boston reports that 23-year-old Michael Bontaites, “of Manchester… was charged [with attempted robbery] and arraigned Tuesday at Elliot Hospital.”

While speaking with WFEA, the grandmother talked about Obama’s executive gun control, saying she knows he has a plan to disarm some Social Security beneficiaries, but she says it isn’t going to happen. Grandma said, “Trying to literally take our guns away? It’ll never happen. He’s not going to take our guns away.”

The grandmother said she plans to vote for Donald Trump.

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