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Texas Community Aids Senior Facilities Without Power for 4 Days

Locals from Texas City, Texas, came together to help the residents of two senior living apartment complexes whose residents had no electricity for four days. Welfare checks conducted by city officials resulted in one life being saved from possible carbon monoxide poisoning and three others being transported to hospitals.

Texas City, Texas, provides a "warming bus" and hot meals to seniors living without electricity for four days. (Photo: Texas City Independent School District)

750,000 Pensioners Resist Paying BBC TV Tax: Report

Some three-quarters of a million pensioners who would have previously been afforded a free television licence have refused to pay after the rules were changed, creating a substantial resistance to the television tax that funds the BBC, according to reports.

MPs Vote To Decriminalise Non-Payments Of TV License

UK Govt Urged to Ease Lockdown for Healthy Pensioners

The Chinese coronavirus lockdown measures should be lifted for those over the age of 70 who are considered to be in good health, as the mental health implications are starting to outweigh the dangers of the virus, a group of medical professionals have informed Prime Minister Boris Johnson.