‘Black Lives Matter’ Could Not Stop San Diego MLK Parade

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Thousands of San Diegans showed up on Sunday to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, despite the presence of a few Black Lives Matter protesters.

Sunday’s parade was coordinated for the 36th year in a row by a nonprofit associated with Alpha Phi Alpha, the fraternity that counted MLK as a member according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. Thousands came out to watch or participate in the parade’s almost 100 entries. Parade Chairman Bob Matthews noted the great diversity of participants, which included Latino and Asian groups.

Black Lives Matter protesters and those protesting the name of a local elementary school named after Confederate General Robert E. Lee scattered areas of the parade route, according to the Tribune. Signs read “Black Lives Matter” and “It’s time to rename Lee.”

In December 2014, President Obama claimed that America was “less racially divided” than when he took office six years before. Breitbart News reported on polling that displayed just the opposite. Only nine per cent of Americans included in a Bloomberg Politics poll, for example, described the country’s race relations as improved. A majority of 53 per cent described race relations in America as worse than before Obama took office.

Last Tuesday, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera claimed problems with race relations in America under President Obama came about because “the nation was not ready for a black president.”

Similarly, last week, Breitbart News reported on mandatory “racial identity” courses planned for MLK Day at Chicago’s suburban New Trier High School.

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