Five Questions for Hillary Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton speaks at the NBC, YouTube Democratic presidential debate at the Gaillard Center, Sunday, Jan. 17, 2016, in Charleston, S.C. (
AP Photo/Mic Smith

Lots of questions got tossed around during the Democratic Presidential Debate last night.

But Hillary Clinton avoided any serious questions about the ethical problems she faces. Here are five simple, straightforward questions that Hillary Clinton needs to be asked:

  1. When are you going to disclose the names of all of the donors to the Clinton Foundation? In your written signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Obama Transition Team, during your confirmation hearings before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, you promised that the Clinton Foundation would be completely transparent. Bill Clinton also went on CNN and promised it to the American people. Yet after it was discovered that secret multimillion dollar donations went to the Clinton Foundation after the questionable uranium deal that your State Department signed off on, Clinton Foundation support Frank Giustra admitted that there are more than 1,000 donors that have never been disclosed. The Clinton Foundation promised in the Spring of 2015 that those names would be forthcoming but we are still waiting.
  1. Why did your husband’s speaking fees to foreign countries and companies more than triple after you were appointed Secretary of State? We all know that your husband has had successful and lucrative speaking career. But between 2001 and 2012, he gave 13 speeches for which he was paid $500,000 or more. Eleven of those came while you were Secretary of State, most from foreign governments and companies. Can you explain why this happened?
  1. Why did your State Department approve the transfer of 20 percent of American uranium to the Russian government? Did it have something to do with the fact that the Clinton Foundation hauled in $145 million from investors in the deal, and the fact that Bill received $500,000 from a Kremlin-baked bank for a speech in Moscow?
  1. Why did the State Department push for open pit coal mining in Bangladesh, in direct violation of Obama Administration policy on advocating for fossil fuels in the developing world? Did it have something to do with the fact that foreign mining magnate Stephen Dattels, who owned a large stake in the mine, gave the Clinton Foundation 2 million shares of stock in the company in a undisclosed contribution?
  1. Why does your family and the Clinton Foundation continue to accept large sums of money from the business partners, friends, lawyers, and advisors of Marc Rich? Your husband admitted it was a terrible mistake to pardon the international fugitive back in 2001 given that Rich’s ex-wife had made large contributions to the Clinton Foundation before the pardon. Are any the post-pardon payments part of a payoff?

These are all well documented controversies swirling around the Clintons.

When other candidates are subjected to questions about loans from Goldman Sachs and their business bankruptcies, these basic questions deserve answers.


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