Hillary Clinton Campaign Ad Features Men Kissing

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer
AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has released a campaign advertisement video that features close-up footage of two men kissing.

Clinton tweeted out a link Wednesday to a campaign video called “Fighting For Us.” The video plays snippets from Clinton’s stump speeches in which she says vaguely populist things.

In the ad’s money shot, so to speak, two men kiss at an apparent gay wedding while Clinton’s voiceover talks about how you can succeed in America no matter “who you love.” The video then dissolves to images of people, presumably of the same gender, holding hands and then an image of two women with a child.

Clinton’s validation of gay relationships likely helps her 2016 campaign. In 2012, gays and lesbians comprised roughly 8 percent of the delegates at the 2012 Democratic convention. They comprised roughly 5 percent of the 2012 vote, according to a pro-gay advocacy group, but only about three percent of the population. The group leans Democratic — only about one-quarter of gays and lesbians vote GOP.



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