Poll: Only Trump Bests Hillary & Bernie In Florida

AP Photo/Steve Helber
AP Photo/Steve Helber

Florida Atlantic University released a series of polls Wednesday that will dishearten those pushing the idea that Trump cannot win a general election. The poll not only shows that Trump beats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a general election match-up in the must-win state of Florida, it shows that Trump is the only Republican who beats both.

Against Hillary, Trump wins 47% to 44%.

Against Bernie, Trump wins 47% to 42%.

Ted Cruz loses to Hillary 47% to 42%. The Texas Senator ties with Sanders, 43% to 43%.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio ties with Clinton 46% to 46%, and beats Sanders 47% to 42%.

Former-Florida Governor Jen Bush beats Clinton 45% to 42%. No poll was taken against Sanders.

In the Real Clear Politics poll of Florida polls…

Trump beats Clinton +1.4.

Trump beats Sanders +3.8.

Cruz loses to Clinton -7.7. (There is only the Florida Atlantic poll between Cruz and Sanders.)

Rubio beats Clinton +1.2.

Rubio beats Sanders +4.0.

Bush Beats Clinton +3.2.

Keep in mind that this polling comes after months of 24/7, left-wing DC Media hysteria against Trump. Hillary’s media has savaged Trump as a racist, a Nazi, a sexist, a xenophobe, and an extremist… And at the same time, this same media has circled the wagons to protect Hillary — to protect her from her Benghazi lies, email scandals, and the allegations against her and her husband from a number of women who claim to be victims of Bill’s predation and Hillary’s character assassination.

In the Republican primary, the Florida Atlantic poll has Trump +32 points ahead of second place Ted Cruz. Trump sits at 48%, Cruz 16%, Rubio 11%, Bush 10%.

Rubio has lost -7 points in his home state since November.


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