Bernie Sanders Rising Because Trump Annihilating Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump

The DC Media might be vile and corrupt, but these vile and corrupt people are not stupid. For 25 years, the mainstream media have protected Bill and Hillary Clinton from their appalling history when it comes to their real and alleged abuses of a dozen or so women. And as we saw just last month when CNN cut off a guest’s microphone, the same DC media that attempted to destroy Clarence Thomas over a single nothingburger allegation, intended to keep that protection racket firmly in place until Their Girl was in the White House cementing Barack Obama’s anti-American legacy.

And what did the serial losers in the GOP Establishment do when the media declared Bill’s past off-limits?  Even though Hillary and the DC Media were already laying the groundwork to War on Women them to death, these spineless cowards couldn’t wait to surrender. In other words, they agreed to play by the DC Media’s rules — rules specifically designed to destroy Republican candidates.

And then along came The Donald.

In less than a week, Trump performed a bona fide miracle. In less than a week, Trump did what no other Republican has been able to do in 25 years. In less than a week, Trump lifted his middle finger to the corrupt media and went on a truth-telling terror about an alleged serial-abuser and his enabler wife.

The clouds parted.

The sun rose.

A rainbow formed.

And after 25 long years, the truth finally stuck to Slick Willy.

Oh, the DC Media foamed and frothed and tut-tutted and brought out the old Overreach Playbook;  our utterly useless, out-of-touch, lily-livers in the Establishment ran and hid like puppies in a thunderstorm; but Trump stood his ground, kept swinging, kept telling the truth, and the result was nothing short of astonishing.

Bill Clinton was supposed to be Hillary’s secret weapon. Thanks to Trump, though, no one looks at him the same way anymore. Because the truth finally got over the DC Media’s defensive line, we don’t see Bill Clinton as a popular former-president; what we see is another Bill Cosby: a sick, old pervert protected for decades by a starstruck media who have always known the truth.

Even more damaging is the fact that we no longer see Hillary as the victim of Bill’s ego and libido. Instead, we have been reminded forever that she is something almost as unforgivable as her husband: a vicious, nasty, power-hungry enabler.

People are not flocking to a 225 year-old socialist, they’re running away from the pervert’s enabler because Bernie is all they got.

Bernie is not beating Hillary Clinton. Trump is, and right now, when a pollster calls, Bernie is the only acceptable alternative.

Just like he did Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio… Just like he is currently doing to Ted Cruz… Trump is single-handedly destroying Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The general election hasn’t even begun, and Trump has already forever-bloodied them on just this one issue. The good news is that the Benghazi-bungling, pervert-enabling, serial-lying, rape-denying, classified info-exposing, foreign money-grubbin, tool of Wall Street, has more vulnerabilities than a slug exposed to the sun. Which is why the DC Media uses their lying fact-checkers to declare all of these vulnerabilities off-limits.

You either have the courage, skill and moxie to violate the DC Media’s corrupt rules, or you lose.

Bernie sure as hell doesn’t have the courage, skill, or moxie.

He’s just drifting behind The Donald.


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