Email On Clinton Server May Have Revealed Identity of U.S. Spies, Spying Tactics


Yet another bombshell in the Clinton email scandal, courtesy of Fox News, which reports one of those “beyond Top Secret” documents we just learned about this week included super-sensitive human intelligence… potentially putting the lives of American spies and their sources at risk.

Fox quotes two sources speaking off-the-record about the TOP SECRET-SAP (Special Access Program) material discovered on Clinton’s server, which she has repeatedly stated included no classified material at all.

These sources said at least one of the emails contained “HCS-O” information, a designation used “to protect exceptionally fragile and unique IC (intelligence community) clandestine HUMINT operations and methods that are not intended for dissemination outside of the originating agency,” as described in a 2013 policy memo from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

“There are people’s lives at stake. Certainly in an intel SAP, if you’re talking about sources and methods, there may be one person in the world that would have access to the type of information contained in that SAP,” said Dan Maguire, former Special Operations strategic planner for Africom.

Maguire described compromising SAP program material as “a huge foul,” and explained damage-control efforts by the intelligence community are difficult and time-consuming, because it is hard to know how many unauthorized individuals end up viewing the secret information.  This, of course, is why no one is supposed to do what Hillary Clinton did.

Fox News notes it is not known if the documents on Clinton’s server identified an individual human source, or if the exposure of this information on the unsecure “homebrew” server directly affected an entire intelligence operation.

The Fox News report also states that the “spillage” of classified material from Clinton’s server appears to be worse than originally believed, because what has been leaked to the public so far describes only a single email thread from the Clinton trove.  It now appears that “more than one Special Access Program was affected.”

It will be amusing to watch the same liberals who went into hysterical fits over the preposterous Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame – the latter portrayed as a “spy” dangerously “exposed” during the Bush Administration, a case dramatized in a laughable Hollywood film – attempt to brush off Hillary Clinton’s possible exposure of genuine field assets as a nontroversy.

Incidentally, the State Department is still dodging court-ordered deadlines in releasing Clinton’s emails, and has most recently taken to blaming the delays on the snowstorm currently descending upon Washington, D.C.

The final deadline was next week, but State says it won’t be finished until the end of February.  Who knows what interesting documents may appear after the first few Democratic primaries?


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