Boston Globe Endorses Hillary Clinton

hillary clinton
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has won the endorsement of the Boston Globe over Bernie Sanders.

The liberal newspaper recognized some of Clinton’s “weaknesses” but eventually decided to go with her over Bernie Sanders. The Globe editorial board wrote:

Few Americans lack an opinion of Hillary Clinton, who has served as secretary of state, a senator from New York, and as the first lady during the presidency of her husband, Bill Clinton. She’s long been the bête noire of conservatives. Their cartoonish conspiracy theories — remember Vince Foster? — and unfounded attacks against her have, at times, triggered so much sympathy for Clinton that some of her actual weaknesses have been allowed to slide. Clinton is not perfect — especially on issues of financial regulation while she represented New York. Her vote in the Senate to authorize the war in Iraq was a mistake, as Sanders has taken every opportunity to point out…

But the best reason to support Clinton isn’t the weaknesses of her opponents; it’s her demonstrated strengths and experience. Even her most dyed-in-the-wool opponents ought to take a second look at her. While Sanders has made an important contribution to the Democratic primary campaign, it’s Clinton who would make a better president.

Clinton is trailing Sanders in New Hampshire and fighting him tooth and nail in tough races in Iowa and South Carolina.


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