Beck: ‘A Lot’ of Fox News Hosts ‘Kissing Donald Trump’s Butt’ — Trump’s Trying Bully Media

Talk radio host Glenn Beck, who has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), said that “a lot” of the Fox News Channel’s hosts “are kissing Donald Trump’s butt” and that he’s trying to bully “the strongest of the pack” by going after FNC host Megyn Kelly to teach the lesson, “don’t mess with me” on Friday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360.”

Beck argued of Trump, “He’s wildly vindictive. Anderson, I think there are two really great news people. Megyn Kelly did a great job at the debate. You’ve done the best job of, I think, anybody on the debates. You’re great at the debates. Megyn Kelly is a good, seasoned journalist. She’s not a clown by any stretch of the imagination. I personally think that Megyn Kelly asked a very fair question. Look, you’ve got some things that you have said about women that, you know, can you explain some of these things? How do you expect to be a guy who’s going to be looked [at] well by decent women when you’ve said certain things that I’m not going to repeat on CNN? So she asked that fair question. Well, now it’s been five months. He hasn’t let that go. What’s happening with Megyn Kelly is, if you watch Fox, a lot of their hosts are kissing Donald Trump’s butt. I mean, they are just — they’re slobbering all over him, but Megyn Kelly is not. So, it doesn’t matter that he’s got several people who slobber over him, some people who are neutral, and Megyn who asks tough questions. He’s making a point. All bullies do the same thing. They find the strongest of the pack. They find the Megyn Kelly of Fox, or they find the Anderson Cooper of CNN, and they teach them a lesson because that means — everybody else who’s not as strong, if Megyn Kelly gets in trouble, if Megyn Kelly can’t stand it, I certainly can’t. So, he’s teaching everyone a lesson, don’t mess with me.”

Earlier, he stated, “This is not about Donald Trump. This is something that you can easily see throughout history, and when I was on Fox, I talked about a pendulum. I had a big pendulum. I said Barack Obama has pulled this pendulum as far over to the right as you possibly can, and emboldened the executive power, and I said, warning, to both the Democrats and the Republicans. At some point, that power swings back, and it will swing back just as far, and at some point, the farther you bring it back, somebody will grab it, in a time of crisis, and say, ‘You know what, just it’s just staying here.’ And you don’t want that. And I warned that there were people like Father Coughlin in the 1930s, that was a very dangerous guy, who spoke to the economic despair, spoke to the anger, spoke to the fear. These demagogues come along. And unless they’re rooted in the Constitution, they can become very dangerous.”

When asked if he believed Trump is rooted in the Constitution, Beck said, “He is all about himself. You know, I went back and I looked at his speeches. I just wanted to make sure. he doesn’t say, ‘We’re going to make America great.’ He says, ‘I’ll make America great. I’ll fix this.’ Nobody makes America great. It’s the people that make America great. He also talks about how the problem isn’t the government itself. He says it’s the stupid people in it. He talks about executive orders. He says the problem is the president has just done dumb executive orders. I’ll do smart ones. He never talks about the Constitution, and when he does, he says, ‘Oh, well, you know, that land, we can pull that land for a casino. It’s no big deal. It’s better than these people living like pigs.’ It’s not his decision.”

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