NARAL to Rand Paul: ‘Keep Saying Sh*t Like That, You’re Gonna Get Punched’

Sean Rayford/Getty Images
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Abortion political advocacy group NARAL Pro-Choice America responded to Sen. Rand Paul’s statement during the GOP debate Thursday night, “I think abortion is always wrong,” with the message, “Keep saying sh*t like that, you’re gonna get punched.”

NARAL’s tweet contained a GIF—a scene from the 2011 film Bad Teacher, which features star Cameron Diaz saying, “Keep saying sh*t like that, you’re gonna get punched”—under Paul’s statement from the debate, “abortion is always wrong,” and his message, “The more states that we have that made abortion illegal, the better.”

Paul’s entire sentence was, “I think… the more states that we have that made abortion illegal, the better, as far as trying to save and preserve lives.”

Planned Parenthood of Illinois retweeted the GIF.

As reported by, in December, following the shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood, NARAL blasted pro-life activists with the message, “Violent rhetoric begets violence,” as it introduced legislation to “address harassment of doctors, patients, and staff at Ohio’s nine abortion clinics.”

In addition, NARAL president Ilyse Hogue tweeted a message to pro-lifers in December, referring to the shooting as “domestic terrorism.” The shooter was a deranged man who registered to vote as an unaffiliated woman and has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

“The language you choose matters,” Hogue wrote, chastising pro-lifers, who condemned the shooting and prayed for the victims. “You are not free from the judgment of the consequences of your hate-filled rhetoric.”

A Marist College Institute for Public Opinion poll, released two weeks ago, found a full 81 percent of Americans favor some restrictions on abortion—including limiting the procedure after the first three months—and a continued ban on public funding of abortion.

In the survey of 1,700 Americans, even 66 percent of respondents who identify as pro-choice say, “abortion should be allowed, at most, in the first trimester, in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother, or never permitted.”

Paul’s campaign did not immediately respond to Breitbart News’s request for comment.


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