Donald Trump: Fox News Debate ‘Boring’ ; ‘Hard to Watch’

trump_bed Reuters

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump responded to Fox News’s GOP primary debate ratings from Thursday night – the debate which he boycotted –saying, “They did 12 million [viewers]. When I was there for the first one, we did 24 million.”

He told his supporters at a campaign rally in Dubuque, Iowa that the debate was “boring” and a “hard thing to watch.”

Trump explained that he decided to boycott the debate because, “They weren’t treating me right. They put out some nasty memos,” the real estate mogul said of Fox News.

In reference to debate moderator Megyn Kelly, who he said didn’t treat him fairly in an earlier debate, Trump said,“I don’t care about her.”

Trump also said that not attending the debate and instead holding a fundraiser for veterans, “worked out.”

“The point is, people have to treat you with respect,” he touted.


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