Issa: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Honesty Is In Question’

Sunday on Fox News channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Rep. Darrell Issa said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s “judgment” and “honesty” are in question because of her handling of classified material on a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.

Issa said, “Well, this is where her judgment is in question, where her honesty is in question. Maria, let’s understand people are looking at the shiny object of classified, did it say classified, exactly what did it say. Let’s go back. what was Secretary Clinton’s judgment in setting up this site. What was her judgment in exchanging and having, if you will, e-mail conversations about sensitive information. What was her judgment in not giving a copy of this required by law to the State Department when she left. And what was her judgment quite candidly in this delay process that she went through where she essentially delivered none of it and now says, ‘oh, I want it all made public.’ The fact is, I don’t want it all made public. The information that is sensitive, I’d like the select intelligence committee to see it. But I want to make sure it’s not made public because that’s exactly what she’s got to be held accounted for. When you fill a head with highly classified and sensitive information, they’re not required to live up to when it says top secret on a document. They’re required to keep those secrets for life, not say them on air, not put them in a book, and not take them with them when they leave government.”

Maria Bartiromo asked, “You think that the FBI Director Jim Comey would like to indict both Hillary and Huma Abedin her aide?”

Issa continued, “Yes. For more than 15 years during my service in government I’ve watched the basis under which US attorneys and the Attorney General and, of course, the FBI looks for cases in which people’s judgement where they’ve knowingly done things wrong make for good prosecutions. This, if it were anyone other than Hillary Clinton, would be that case. You have somebody whose basic wrongdoing led down a road to the communication back and forth and then effectively removed it from government hands and kept it. And even today is sort of lying in plain sight. There’s no one left to lie to in this case.”

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