Eric Holder: ‘Inability’ to Secure More Gun Control ‘My Biggest Failure’

Paul Zimmerman/WireImage/Getty

Speaking at the Tina Brown Live Media’s American Justice Summit on January 29, Eric Holder reflected on his time as attorney general and described the “inability” to secure more gun control as his “biggest failure.”

According to Yahoo! News, Holder lamented that “cowards in our Congress” stopped gun control following the heinous attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School and said that Congress would have cooperated if the American people could have seen the scene inside the school. He said the Obama administration as a whole “should have pushed harder” for gun control–which would have included pushing more gun laws during Obama’s first term.

When Holder focused on his job as attorney general–about what he failed to do individually–he spoke “in particular” about the attack at Sandy Hook and said the “inability” to pass Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) gun control bill was a “failure.”

He made clear that the gun control he most wanted would have been an expansion of background checks to guarantee all gun sales and transfers would happen via “some kind of interaction with the government.” He did not explain how this was a viable response to the Sandy Hook attack, an attack where gunman Adam Lanza bypassed all sales and transfers, choosing, instead, to steal the guns he used to carry out his treachery.

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