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Everytown Ignores Fact That Background Checks Didn’t Stop Cop Killers, Pushes More Gun Control

On May 14 Everytown for Gun Safety president John Feinblatt pushed a list of 13 cop killers as justification for more gun control via the expansion of background checks. What Feinblatt did not say is that one of the 13 passed a background check to get his gun and another was a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL)–the very person who facilitates background checks on others.

In this July 20, 2014 photo, with guns displayed for sale behind her, a gun store employee helps a customer at Dragonman's, east of Colorado Springs, Colo. When Colorado lawmakers expanded background checks on firearms last year, they were expecting a huge increase. But the actual number the first 12 …

Shannon Watts: Everyone Should Have to Go Through Background Check Gabby Giffords’ Attacker Passed

On April 6, Fox News ran a column which contained comments from Moms Demand Actions’ Shannon Watts praising Washington state’s institution for the very kind of background check Jared Loughner passed to get the firearm he used to attack Gabby Giffords, then saying it’s only “gunsense” that all other gun purchasers should have to go through the same background check.