Exclusive — Coulter to Iowa: Don’t Embarrass Nation, Vote Trump


Conservative columnist and eleven-time New York Times best selling author Ann Coulter has been a prominent player in the 2016 race– beginning with the June release of her book, Adios America, which laid the foundation for the immigration-centric focus of the election.

In an email to Breitbart, Coulter wrote:


But if you insist on voting for someone other than Trump, please just don’t for that sweaty little liar Rubio.”

On Twitter, Coulter explained that “Rubio’s immigration bill issued 33 MILLION green cards in 10 yrs – or 271 new immigrants for every 1 GOP caucus-goer in Iowa.”

Coulter later added that conservatives will “lose EVERYTHING w/o an end to 3rd world immigration.”

Coulter’s assertion seems to echo that of conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, who recently declared that if immigration is not stopped, “We’re not going to be America anymore.”

“If we don’t get this election right, it’s going to be bad news for America,” Schlafly said.

Schlafly has expressed her support for Donald Trump, explaining that he “is the only hope to defeat the Kingmakers… He represents everything the grassroots want. The majority of Republicans do not want open borders… They think we should stop our immigration.”


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