‘Today Show’ Sandbags Palin, Doesn’t Ask Hillary About Email Scandal


Although the classified information scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s home-brewed email server blew sky-high Friday afternoon, NBC News, the left-wing outlet that attempted to rescue Clinton from this inexcusable behavior last year, jumped back into the tank Monday morning. During a 4-minute appearance on “The Today Show,” the former Secretary of State was not asked a single question about the disturbing new revelations.

Naturally, although she is running for nothing, this very same “Today Show” sandbagged Sarah Palin with a personal question about her children.

Here are the questions Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie believed were the most important on the morning of the Iowa Caucuses:

Did you wake up this morning excited?

Why won’t you come out and say that Bernie Sanders cannot win a general election?

Why is Bernie Sanders wrong that President Obama’s 8 years are “disappointing?”

Meanwhile, on “Morning Joe,” longtime Hillary supporter Andrea Mitchell was caught spinning like a top for Clinton. On the day of the Iowa Caucus, Mitchell seemed desperate to reassure Caucus-goers that Clinton was in no legal jeopardy. Mitchell, who has never been above embarrassing herself for Hillary, said, “Honestly, from my sources, and they go pretty high up including — including some of the people who are doing the review for the — inside the intelligence community, I don’t think there is the legal culpability here.”

Throughout much of last year, NBC News geared up to ensure Hillary Clinton’s White House victory. In the run-up to the 2016 election, the Peacock Network has poured more than a half-billion dollars into left-wing sites Vox and Buzzfeed.

The year prior, NBC News paid Hillary’s daughter Chelsea a whopping $600,000 to pretty much do nothing.

Morever, after Hillary’s testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi late last year, NBC News ran to the Benghazi-Bungler’s rescue with a series of image-boosting public relations appearances. Clinton flipped pancakes on the “Today Show,” enjoyed a softball townhall appearance on the “Today Show,” was treated to a humanizing appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” and numerous appearances on MSNBC where her Benghazi testimony was hailed as a triumph.

According to CNN, there was a quid-pro-quo arrangement between NBC News and Clinton.


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