Marco Rubio Raises Expectations, Predicts Victory in New Hampshire

AP Marco Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio predicted victory in the New Hampshire primary tomorrow, setting expectations high for his campaign.

At a rally in Nashua this evening, Marco Rubio had this to say as he wrapped up his speech in New Hampshire: “Get up early tomorrow and vote … because we’re going to do as well as we possibly can. I believe it’s going to lead to victory not just in this primary, but I believe it’s going to lead to victory in November.”

Rubio arrived at 6:45 for the 6:30 rally but immediately set up for a Fox News interview, using his supporters as a backdrop.

One of the attendees griped to Rubio after the rally that he was “facing the cameras” instead of facing the people when he came on stage.

Rubio explained that because of the snowy weather, Fox News started late, and the campaign waited a few minutes to give supporters extra time to arrive.

Supporters craned their necks to see what was going on, as Rubio sat waiting while hairdressers and makeup professionals made last minute adjustments for Kelly. Some of supporters cheered for Kelly as she prepared for the interview.

At one point a heckler interrupted shouting, “No experience!” but was soon escorted out of the building while supporters chanted “Mar-co, Mar-co!”

Rubio spent about 16 minutes on the stage before wading into the crowd of some 400 people to take pictures and sign campaign materials for supporters in the audience.

The freshman senator has appeared determined to remain on script, delivering his standard stump speech and driving home his message after he was criticized for being too “scripted” during the ABC News debate on Friday.


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