Scott Brown Backing Trump As Self-Funded Change Maker Who ‘Will Knock Heads’ In D.C.

Scott Brown and Donald Trump AP
Washington, DC

Former Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown discussed the three reasons why he is backing businessman Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination as a guest today on Breitbart News Daily with hjost Stephen K. Bannon.

Brown told Bannon,

The reason I went with Donald is basically three things. I need someone down there who is going to be a changemaker. Someone who is going to go down to Washington, be a self-funder who is going to go down there and knock some heads and take some numbers and tell them to get their you know what’s out of their rear ends and start to do the people’s business. And I think he can do it because he’s done it in his businesses.

Added Brown, “Number two, when it comes to the financial issues, having created jobs … understanding the bottomline and knowing brilliant people who can come in and look at our debt and deficit and say, you know what, we can do it better and different, he has that expertise.

And on ISIS and the border issues, I was talking about that stuff long before any of these candidates and I believe it in my heart. So, those are the three things that made me endorse Donald,” he concluded.

The full interview with Brown can be heard below.