Exit Polls: GOP Voters More Conservative, Less ‘Independent’


Media exit polling on the New Hampshire primary shows the number of “very conservative” voters up in the Republican primary. In addition, greater numbers of Independent or “unaffiliated” voters seem to be voting in the Democrat primary.

According to CNN, one-third of Republican voters in today’s primary describe themselves as “very conservative.” That is up a big amount from 2012, when just 21 percent were “very conservative.”

This number could be good news for Ted Cruz. In Iowa, he beat Donald Trump among “very conservative” voters by more than 20 points. It is likely bad news for Marco Rubio, as he ran a very distant third among these voters. Rubio only won 15 percent of the vote from “very conservative” voters.

CNN also reports that just 30 percent of the Republican primary is made up of independent, unaffiliated voters. Over 40 percent of the Democrat primary vote includes these voters. In 2012, 45 percent of the Republican primary comprised of Independent voters.

This suggests the Republican primary vote Tuesday is much more oriented towards the Republican party. That could help Govs. Jeb Bush, John Kasich or even Marco Rubio.

In addition, in both party primaries, there are fewer first-time voters than in years past.

Nine in 10 Republican voters say they are very dissatisfied with the federal government, and about 40 percent say they are angry about it. Almost half of Republican voters say they feel betrayed by Republican politicians. Most want a candidate who is from outside the political establishment.



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