Bloomberg’s Green: Hillary ‘Lavished Praise on Wall Street’ In Paid Speeches, Said It’s ‘Pillar of Our Economy’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Bloomberg Politics and Bloomberg National Correspondent Joshua Green said that a financial CEO he spoke to told him Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “lavished praised on Wall Street, said you guys are the pillar of our economy” during one of her paid speeches in 2014.

Green stated, “I talked to a CEO of a financial firm who sat through one of her paid speeches in 2014 and said actually the speech itself was just about important decisions she’d had to make to make as secretary of state, a lot of it promoting women, nothing controversial. What would be problematic, he said, for her, was that in her introductory remarks she lavished praised on Wall Street, said, you guys are the pillar of our economy. The irony, the CEO said, was this is a crowd of Romney voters, who were never going to vote for Hillary Clinton, and it was empty flattery that wasn’t going to advance her cause with that crowd.”

When asked why she did it, Green responded, “Well, when you’re paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to show up and make a speech to people, I think that there’s just an impulse to offer some kind of praise of your audience, or, you know, something to suggest this isn’t just a naked financial transaction.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski later said, that Hillary would probably release the transcripts of the speeches, but she would cut the Q&A portion out.

(h/t NewsBusters)

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