Democratic Convention Battle Would Be ‘Fun,’ Says Harry Reid


Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) speculated that the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination could continue to the Democratic Party’s national convention in July.

“It would be kind of fun,” Reid said. 

Reid’s remarks were delivered during an appearance on CNN’s The Lead on Thursday with correspondent Manu Raju. Reid said, “Some of the old conventions produced some good people.”

RAJU: Do you think there’s any possibility that they could be going into a Democratic convention without a consensus nominee?

REID: I don’t know, but it would be kind of fun.

RAJU: I mean is it possible for a brokered convention?

REID: Sure, sure. I seriously — some of the old conventions produced some pretty good people.

Reid has yet to endorse a candidate for president.

The next Democratic vote will take place in his home state on February 20, and it remains a toss-up.

The Hill points out that Reid criticized Hillary’s campaign on CNN for saying that Nevada is 80 percent white, and that he appeared in an interview on MSNBC earlier on Thursday, again emphasizing that he would not endorse any candidate before the Nevada vote, because he did not want to be perceived as unfair. 

Bill Clinton had campaigned for Reid in Nevada in 2010.

It is likely Reid does not want to endorse either candidate yet, so as to avoid arousing any negative emotions from Nevada’s Democratic voters and to ensure his preferred replacement, state Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, has any easy transition into his soon-to-be retired seat. 

Masto announced in April that she would seek to replace Reid.

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