George W. Bush to Stump for Brother Jeb! in South Carolina

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, will campaign for his brother, Republican presidential nominee Jeb Bush, in South Carolina on Monday.

Jeb Bush and his famous brother will appear together Monday evening at the North Charleston Coliseum, The State reports.

“President Bush has been incredibly supportive of his brother’s campaign and Gov. Bush is excited to have him out on the trail,” Bush campaign spokeswoman Kristy Campbell told the local South Carolina publication. “With the threats facing our nation and our allies, we need a steady hand. Few people understand that better than President Bush who knows that we need a tested, strong leader as our next commander-in-chief.”

George W. Bush’s favorability ratings have skyrocketed among Republicans in recent years. In fact, his favorability ratings are now superior to those of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. When surveyed, Republican voters view Bush 43 as a major asset for his less charismatic brother.

Jeb Bush continues to fight a hotly contested battle for the establishment lane of the GOP primary. On Tuesday, he upset establishment favorite Sen Marco Rubio (R-FL) in the New Hampshire Republican Primary.

On Wednesday, the Bush campaign released an ad featuring the 43rd President.

“He respects the military — he honors their families. He can make the tough decision to keep Americans safe and our country free. And in a time of crisis, he will be a steady hand,” he says  in the television advertisement.

President Bush also spoke in a radio advertisement targeting South Carolina voters, which was released this week.

This is President George W. Bush. We live in troubled times with the military deployed around the world. We need a strong leader with experience, ideas and resolve. There’s no doubt in my mind that Jeb Bush will be a great commander-in-chief for our military,” the 43rd President says. “Jeb has dealt with crises as the governor of Florida, and he did so with steadiness, and a calmness necessary in a good leader.”

South Carolina polling indicates Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are currently in a virtual tie for 3rd place in The Palmetto State. They will square off on Saturday night during the GOP debate in Greenville, South Carolina.


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