St. Landry Sheriff’s Captain Challenges Louisiana ACLU to a Debate

KATC/St. Landry Crime Stoppers/screenshot
KATC/St. Landry Crime Stoppers/screenshot

On February 19, St. Landry Sheriff’s Captain Clay Higgins responded to criticism from the ACLU of Louisiana (ACLU LA) by challenging them and “both” their followers to a debate.

Breitbart News previously reported that Higgins released a video message to the Gremlins gang on February 17, in which he listed the “hundreds of violent crimes” attributed to the gang and referred to gang members as “thugs,” “animals,” and “heathens.” At one point in the video, Higgins warned gang members still on the lamb, saying, “You will be hunted. You will be tracked. And if you raise your weapon to a man like me, we’ll return fire with superior fire.”

The ACLU LA took exception to Higgins’s use of the word “heathens” because it “is a religious term.” KATC reports that the ACLU LA also complained about the use of the phrase “bounty on their heads” — which was not uttered at any point in the video, but was nixed as part of an early draft of the video monologue.

On Friday, Higgins responded to the ACLU while being interviewed on the radio show “Walter & Johnson.” KATC transcribed Higgins’s on-air comments:

The ACLU has a point that they feel is righteous, and of course they’re wrong, but that’s subject for debate.  I invite them to that debate. I’d like to fill a 10,000 man hall in Baton Rouge. Whoever authored that letter, whatever team authored that letter, I’m sure they’d be happy to debate me in a public forum. We can sell tickets. 10,000 of them at $10.00 a piece and raise $100,000 for charity. I can certainly generate 9,998 of my followers, and they can bring both of theirs, and we’ll have a healthy debate and let the American people decide.

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