NV Tiebreaker: Hillary Is 7 for 7 In Game of Chance Against Bernie


From coin tosses to high-card, Hillary Clinton cannot stop beating Bernie Sanders when luck takes the place of voters. To break tied precincts in the Iowa Caucus a few weeks ago, Hillary won every coin toss — 6 out of 6 — the odds of which are less than 2%. In Nevada’s caucus  today, Democrats played a game of high-low card to determine a tie. And super-lucky Hillary just won with an ace to Bernie’s 6 in the precinct of Pahrump, Nevada.

Wall Street Journal:

The 30 voters in Precinct 10 at Morse Elementary School split even, 15 to 15. Per state Democratic Party rules, the precinct chairwoman, Peggy Rhoades, produced the sealed deck of cards she was provided to break the tie and award the fifth available delegate to the candidate with the high card.

Hillary Clinton is now 7 for 7.

What are the odds?



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