After Provoking Trump Supporters, Media Complains About Name-Calling

<> on February 12, 2016 in Tampa, Florida.

During a campaign rally over the weekend, Donald Trump took another one of his glorious swipes at our dishonest media. If we are to believe the reporting from MSNBC’s Katy Tur (always a risky prospect), out of thousands in the crowd, one screamed at the media, “You’re a bitch,” and another offered “the double bird.” Outraged tweets from many in our elite media soon followed.

To be clear, while the “double-bird” is kind of funny, I’m not okay with anyone calling anyone a “bitch,” especially a woman. But as you read the outrage below, keep this in mind: The DC Media started it. For years, the elite media have provoked these everyday American Trump supporters with hate campaigns and name-calling. Now watch as our media gets all wobbly when just a smidgen of the hate they dish out with mendacious glee comes home to roost:

(In defense of Chuck Todd, Tur is a colleague and he has called journalists “snobs” over their dismissal of the Trump phenomenon.)

The Washington Post’s Callum Borchers  grabbed his left-wing pearls and cried out, “Donald Trump’s virulent rhetoric about the media is getting dangerous.

New York Times Magazine writer Robert Draper puncture this “dangerous” nonsense.

For almost a decade, primarily to protect Barack Obama and push his destructive agenda, the DC Media have relentlessly taunted and provoked these same people. Simply for disagreeing with Obama’s agenda, these everyday Americans have been smeared as racists, xenophobes, homophobes, stupid, low-information, sexists, knuckle-draggers, and even compared to anti-Semites and Nazis.

And then there is this breathtaking hypocrisy….

Keep in mind that this is the exact same made that ensured President Obama paid no political price after his team accused Mitt Romney of murder in 2012; the exact same media that looked the other way when Obama said, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun” and “argue with neighbors, get in their face“; the exact same media that downplayed the beating Kenneth Gladney just hours after a top Obama official called on supporters to “Hit back twice as hard.”

Yes, these are now the very same people playing guilt-by-association with Trump because a couple of yahoos at his rally are hating them right back.

Again, I’m in no way condoning calling Tur or anyone else a “bitch, but if you don’t want to be called names, don’t start it — don’t provoke with your own hateful name-calling.


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