Nevada Caucus Workers Showed Support for Multiple Candidates, Yet Establishment Attacks Trump’s Supporters

Joel Tweet

The Republican Establishment is racing to try to question the results of the Nevada caucus because some caucus volunteers were allegedly wearing pro-Trump clothing.

But Breitbart News has obtained photographic evidence that caucus volunteers are also wearing pro-Marco Rubio clothing, which is not against the rules.

The Nevada Republican Party is making it clear that caucus volunteers can wear candidate gear. It is, after all, a caucus where people vote openly and publicly.

Gov John Kasich’s supporters also sported their loyalties.


Nevertheless, Rubio and Ted Cruz supporters are lining up to question the results, apparently unaware of both the rules and of the fact that caucus volunteers were also wearing Rubio gear.

The faux-scandal can be traced at least in part to National Review reporter Elaina Plott, whose report of Trump clothing at caucus sites was promoted by others throughout the GOP smart set, including from the Washington Free Beacon:

Not surprisingly, Plott was getting information directly from someone she identified as a “Rubio source.”

Sen. Ted Cruz’s supporters took to Twitter to complain about the Nevada process.

Sen. Marco Rubio’s supporters jumped in to delegitimize the Nevada vote.