Trump in Oklahoma: ‘I Promise We Will Start Winning Again’

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greeted over 7,000 supporters in Oklahoma and asked them to get out and vote on Tuesday saying, “I promise we will start winning again.”

“We can’t go another four more years,” he said, “We may not be able to bring it back.”

Trump told the audience, ‘I don’t want your money, I want your vote,” and promised that he and those in his administration would negotiate hard for them. He also promised, “We will make America great again.”

The businessman from New York made a stop in Oklahoma City after being in Texas with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie earlier in the day.

Gov. Christie introduced him at the rally and asked supporters for a “Trump-sized win” in Oklahoma. The former GOP presidential candidate endorsed the Republican front-runner on Friday, as reported by Breitbart News.

Trump hit third-place contender Marco Rubio hard but called Ted Cruz “a smarter guy” and was much easier on him.

Trump attacked “Little Rubio” for buying a $179,000 house and selling it to a lobbyist for over $300,000. He also called the Florida senator a “no-show” professor who is paid for that position, and charged that Rubio’s wife serves on a board but does no work and cashes in. Trump said he is up 20 percentage points in the Sunshine State.

Although he called Texas Senator Cruz “a smarter guy,” he asked, but how do you defeat a sitting senator in Texas? He answered his own question claiming, “They are going to have a very embarrassing time.”

While the New Yorker strongly inferred that he was going to win in Cruz’ home state, polls conducted in Texas when averaged, show that Cruz has a 34.0 percent of voters in Texas compared to Trump’s 26.8 percent, as reported by Breitbart Texas. The Monmouth poll has Cruz far ahead at 38 percent. In that poll, Trump and Rubio are battling it out for second place at 23 and 21 percent.

Trump went on to attack the trade deficits with China, Mexico, and Japan adding, the “greatest theft” has been by China and cited $500 billion a year.

Trump said that instead of “political hacks” negotiating for the country, he will have businessmen who look out for America. He promised that the nation would have even better relationships with these countries.

He told the audience these countries have no respect for us now because we are not free-traders, we are “stupid traders.” Trump explained these “one-sided” deals are “destroying our country.” He pointed at other countries who are stealing millions of jobs from Americans and said the 25 percent unemployment rate was a “phony number.”

Trump said he is #1 in the polls, and has won all but one primary election but has spent the least amount of money.

He said he would have a bidding process for military purchases, and for purchases of drugs and other medical needs.

Trump called Cruz and Rubio “politicians” and claimed he was the strongest on immigration, the border, and amnesty. He charged that Rubio “is weak on amnesty,” and while “Ted is a little stronger … he is a little weak.” The presidential front runner claimed, “If I had not brought it up, it would not even be a subject right now.” He said he began talking about immigration and “all of a sudden, it became a mainstay [of the GOP presidential primary].”

Trump told the crowd that he has been endorsed by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and added, “and that means that I have a very strong plan.” He promised, “We are going to build the wall, and Mexico is going to pay.”

He said people can come into the country, but stressed, “they have to come in the country legally, legally.” He pointed to “certain politicians” saying they wanted to bring thousands of folks in.

The GOP presidential candidate warned about what is happening with immigrants in Sweden, Germany, Brussels, and America. He reminded the crowd about “Kate who was killed in San Francisco.” The crowd interrupted him again cheering, “USA, USA, USA!”

Protesters were removed twice during his speech but Trump took the opportunity to say there was a time when officers “acted more quickly.” He added they are “afraid to move” but understood because they are afraid to lose their pensions. He said he supports police officers but continued, “We really are becoming a frightened country.”

Trump said Cruz asked him about waterboarding, and told the rowdy crowd, “I think it is just fine.” He said they are beheading people and burning people in cages, and added, “and it is okay if you take it a few steps above. It is tough stuff.”

He said the nation has a weakened military, and we have to take care of our veterans. He said we have “to knock out ISIS soundly and fast.”

Trump promised to get rid of Common Core, and added, we are #1 in cost per pupil but are #30 in the world in education.

He promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, and said “it will happen quickly.” When he said “We will protect the Second Amendment,” the crowd again chanted “USA, USA, USA!” He quipped, “You people, you do like your guns.”

As to his supporters Trump said, “they don’t leave me.”

At the end of the rally he promised them, “I am going to be the greatest president that God every created.”

Lana Shadwick is a writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2


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