Chris Christie Shuts Down Reporters Asking Him About Donald Trump

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, right, and Donald Trump, left, in Millington, Tenn., Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016.
AP/Andrew Harnik

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is staying on-topic, but isn’t answering questions about his presidential endorsement of Donald Trump.

During a press conference in New Jersey today in which he nominated a justice to the New Jersey Supreme Court, Christie waved away questions about Trump.

“No off-topic questions,” Christie said, as he concluded his speech nominating the judge.

New Jersey reporters, familiar with the free-wheeling “tell it like it is” governor who engaged frequently with the press, were shocked. At one point they asked if he would talk about his weekend trip with Trump.

“That’s an off topic question, I think you understand that I’m answering on topic questions today,” he said. When asked why not, Christie replied. “Because I don’t want to.”

When another reporter asked if he could ask on a different subject, Christie replied, “permission denied.”

“Anything else on topic?” he said multiple times before ending his press conference.

When another reporter defied Christie’s demand, he responded. “Good try on an off-topic question but you have been stopped,” he said. “Enough. Seriously, you know, you know there’s no shot, you’re either putting on a performance for the cameras or not there’s no chance I’m answering those questions.”


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