Donald Trump on FNC’s ‘Hannity’: ‘You Got Some Bad People At Fox’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump criticized the network for some of its pundits that have held very negative views regarding Trump and his presidential bid.

While discussing former Bush strategist Karl Rove, who has been critical of Trump, Trump told host Sean Hannity there were some bad people within his network.

“You got some bad people at Fox,” Trump declared. “You got some great people, too. But you got some bad people.”

“In all fairness, have you ever watched MSNBC?” Hannity replied. “They suck.”

Trump went on to name some of network personalities of which he had favorable opinions and those that he did not regard as favorable.

“I have great respect for Fox,” Trump added. “And you and [Bill] O’Reilly, who can be a little bit rough … and Greta [Van Susteren] – so many others, Steve Doocy, ‘Fox & Friends.’ But I will tell you, you have a couple of people that shouldn’t be on. Stephen Hayes shouldn’t be on, shouldn’t be on the shows. He is so biased. Karl Rove – he still thinks Romney won. Do you remember after the election? ‘Romney won, Romney won.’ They had to pull him off the air. It ended about four hours ago. ‘I’m telling you Romney won.’ He shouldn’t be on the air.”

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